Our Mission

The publishing world has drastically changed in the past ten years. A reader can no longer trust every book they see on Amazon as being edited, proofread, or even a good read. This is because anyone and everyone can publish a book. When you saturate the market like that, two things happen. Frustrated readers waste money on poorly written books. And the indie author who has actually written a great book will never reach those readers. As indie/small press authors (and readers) ourselves, we feel your pain. And we decided to do something about it. We created a site where non-agented authors can submit their published books for recognition. Give them a true spotlight. And readers can trust that the books posted on this site are truly worthy of their hard earned cash. We’re on a mission to search through the ordinary lumps of coal for the hidden gold nuggets. Consider us “Book Brokers,” connecting AMAZING books with hungry readers. So read on!